Jae Rocks

Gepubliceerd op 12 augustus 2020 om 10:00

Jae's rocks is one of the newest collections from Petite Jae. Making dreams come to life is what we love to do. One of them was a gem-making collection. We grew up with the healing effect of gemstones.

Our grandmother raised that with us. Gems are there to get the right power out of yourself when you need it. Especially as a child we have benefited a lot. There is so much that comes your way in life. Everyone sometimes feels a heavy energy in people or spaces. Gemstones are perfect for that. The best thing about gems is that they are incredibly beautiful! Our grandmother knew about our dream and we made her a promise on her deathbed to realize this collection when the time is right.

We are happy to dedicate the collection to our grandmother

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