about us

Petite Jae is a young company with jewelry and accessories for babies and children up to 5 years old. Founded by two sisters who are still intertwined, we eat together, have the same friends and have babies together, when we are not together we miss each other after half an hour and hang on the phone. We complement each other perfectly, things that one person does not like to do, the other does. One is classic and the other is a bit tougher, yet the production and design of our first jewelry collection went without any effort. The first collection was created when the only girl Jae-Lynn was born, both still full of hormones (the other being very pregnant) we came up with the name Petite Jae and the lyrics “la vie est Belle” and “Je 't aime ... ... ma Cherie ”this one exactly embodied our feeling because life is so much more beautiful with the unconditional love of your children! Many customers find the recognition in this, we actually sell an emotion .. a bracelet for mother and child with a personal text in it was therefore quickly invented.